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Augmented reality makes it possible to integrate virtual elements into the real environment by displaying them through a device. As a result, this technology can transform reality, offering a new dimension thanks to the incorporation of additional digital information to the context.

Architects and construction companies are becoming increasingly aware of the advantages that augmented reality can offer.

The traditional method of designing plans in 2D or 3D using complex computer programs or tools is increasingly being left behind to the detriment of augmented reality.

Taking advantage of these new technologies is part of the natural evolution of things. All in favor of simplifying tasks and having greater control over projects.

Augmented reality in architecture makes it possible to see what an architectural work will look like by adding virtually the elements that will later be incorporated in real life. This means huge savings in time and money, while offering greater guarantees to both architects and clients.

The complicated designs and almost manual calculations are progressively giving way to automated programs capable of showing architects and clients a future projection of the project. All in an automated way, without time-consuming processes and with exact measurements.

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