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Is sustainable construction viable in Mexico?

According to the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry, "the construction sector in Mexico can become the vaccine that is required to get out of the economic crisis generated by the health crisis".

And the fact is that this industry, which contributes almost 8% of the national GDP, and which has been on pause for most of 2020, has now begun to resurface, along with the need to create more environmentally friendly spaces through sustainable construction.

What is sustainable construction?

Also called sustainable construction, it refers to works that in their planning, design and construction, have been optimized to take advantage of natural resources and rely less on non-renewable resources, so that they cause less impact on the environment.

To be considered sustainable construction, the work must have characteristics such as:

  • Have a pleasant design, which is a green building, which does not alter the visualization of the environment or out of tune with the ecosystem.

  • Favor the use of new energies and reuse of resources such as recycled water, energy saving or solar energy.

  • Increase the quality of life with adequate ventilation, thermal or acoustic sensation, and that is inclusive, provides physical well-being and mental health.

  • Use friendly, recycled, non-toxic, local and non-polluting materials.

Through an alliance with EDGE, the National Chamber of the Housing Development and Promotion Industry will certify builders that help in the construction of affordable sustainable housing. And to obtain EDGE certification you must save at least one of the three rubrics they ask for: 20% in water consumption, 20% in energy and 20% in embodied energy in materials.

There is also LEED certification, which is awarded to buildings that meet eco-efficiency and sustainability standards. In Mexico there are buildings with this certification, including the Torre Bancomer and Torre Virreyes.

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